My Eulogy

I was a worldly woman.

I traveled to umpteen towns and voyaged to various vicinities.  I met a multitude of mortals, many of whom became bosom buddies and BFFLs.   My sole sorrow is that I abandoned my bond with my blood.  I lacked a relationship with my relatives.  I was not friendly with my family.

I devoted my days to diversions that were dear to me.  I loved literature and worshipped words.  I believe in books, trust tales, have faith in films, lap up legends.  Story has supreme strength to shape our perceptions, plans and purpose.  A marvelous myth makes you a better being.  It can be a delightful dream we share.

I lived long and loved life.  I am happy I was here and a little down that now I’m dead.  But do not despair at my departure.  Life is lovely. Live yours with lust and lightness.

Be happy.


Comment, but don't expect me to respond... I'm dead.

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